New Courses Published

  • WordPress on LAMP Stack Course Title Page
    WordPress on LAMP Stack Course Title Page

New Udemy Courses

I published two new courses on Udemy. These courses are similar. Each walk students through the process of setting up domain names and configuring DNS for those domain names. Each has an in-depth discussion of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The LAMP Stack fundamentals has a deeper dive into Linux and the rest of the LAMP Stack.

The WordPress course has a deeper dive into setting up email with a custom domain as well as an introduction to cloud hosting and a detailed look at AWS Lightsail.

WordPress is then installed and upgraded to version 5. I then show how to build websites for and on the same Ubuntu server in AWS Lightsail.

These courses are located at:
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Here’s a list of what’s included with the WordPress on LAMP Stack Course:

In this course you will learn:

  • How to Register Domain Names
  • Launching a Linux Instance in AWS Lightsail
  • How Configure DNS in AWS Lightsail and Route 53
  • How to obtain a free email address using your own domain name for a professional look
  • The basics of Linux and various distributions
  • How to install Linux on a virtual machine running on Windows and Mac.  We will install Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Desktop, Mint and Lubuntu
  • Linux file system basics
  • Many Linux commands to navigate search and manipulate files and directories and permissions.  Configure a swap file for Linux server to optimum performance
  • How to install Apache web server and configure it to run multiple websites on a single server with a single IP address and tune it for WordPress 5.
  • How to encrypt the website on Apache with SSL / HTTPS for free
  • How to install MySQL and create databases and users.  How to assign rights to user to databases.
  • How to install PHP and tune it for WordPress (include email)
  • Install 2 WordPress sites, with the unique domain names we registered earlier, on the Linux server
  • Build a website with a slide show on the homepage.
  • WordPress Plugins:
    • Child Themes
    • Security
    • Email
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Backup
    • ..and more
  • What new in WordPress 5
  • How to backup WordPress sites and the Linux server they run on

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner on Linux
  • Beginner on LAMP Stack
  • Beginner on WordPress
  • Beginner on Word Press
  • Beginner on Amazon Web Services AWS
  • Beginner on Amazon Web Services AWS Lightsail
  • Beginner on Amazon Web Services AWS Light sail