Why WordPress?


Now on WordPress

On previous versions of this site Joomla was my CMS of choice. I was able to quickly build it.  But getting it to look good was quite a challenge.  The answer to this, of course, is templates.  That’s where the frustration begins.
Finding templates for Joomla! is quite trying.  You first start out with a search for free templates.  You get plenty of hits for “free templates.”
But here is the typical experience; you are required to sign up / create an account.  you get it, they provide something for free, they get to spam you- understood.  But here’s the kicker, most times I get to the checkout page and see that free is actually $30 or more.  This happened to me most of the time.  So, I verified my email, am signed up for spam, and don’t have  template to use…
But there are templates that really are free, but how do you use them?  I can’t find the documentation.
Maybe it is my fault for not finding and studying the documentation, but I found that with WordPress I could easily figure out how to use it, and the templates.  Most templates and plug-ins come with instructions and are easy to set up.  So, here we are with WordPress.