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My Latest Udemy Course is now published:

It’s called Alexa Skill Coding Class for Beginners – (new 2019).

The course is designed for novice and beginning coders who want to create an Alexa skill but don’t have enough knowledge to edit the sample code to make a useful skill for their school, church, organization or small business.  Here’s the official description:

In this course you will learn:

  • How to Build an Alexa Skill with the Latest SDK
    • We build and Publish 2 skills in this Course
  • And Explanation of the JavaScript / Node.js Code
    • But not an Exhaustive study of it!
  • You will Understand the Sample Code and how to Manipulate it
    • Not just plug in “data text”
  • Synonyms
  • Not just the Interaction Model, we will modify the Code to use the Synonym
  • How to work with Multiple Languages and have Alexa Respond with the Language that reflects the Locale of the Echo Device
  • Build a Skill with Alexa Self Hosted, no AWS Account Needed
  • Build a Skill that uses AWS Lambda and how to make it with the Interaction Model
  • AWS S3 Object Storage Buckets
  • Picture Cards
    • Verify Cards look good on all types of devices
    • SSML and Playing MP3 files for Responses
    • Filtering the SSML Codes out of the Cards
      • Having code show up in the card will prevent the skill from passing Certification for Publication in the Skill Store
  • Creating Dialog in a Skill that Normally doesn’t have it
  • Test the Code in AWS Lambda
  • Custom Slots
  • Custom Intents
  • Customer Intent Handlers
  • canHandle()
  • File Dependencies
  • How to Publish a real Skill and Re-Certify it after Changes
  • How to use a Code Editor

My Latest Alexa Skill – Ohio Counties


Ohio Counties
Ohio Counties Alexa Skill

My latest Alexa skill is called “Ohio Counties.”  I created it because I am always curious where another Ohioan is from when I see their car.  In the old days Ohio license plates had a county name on them.  Now, Ohio license plates only list a county number.

This skill allows you to ask Alexa (assuming you have Alexa enabled in your car) about that county number.  You will get a response that tells you:

1. The name of the county
2. The County Seat of that county
3. The general location – such as “North West Ohio”

Enable it by saying “Alexa, enable Ohio Counties.”

To use it, say “Alexa, ask Ohio Counties what is county 81”
or “Alexa, ask Ohio Counties where is Van Wert County”

Hope you get some use of it.