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My Latest Udemy Course is now published:

It’s called Alexa Skill Coding Class for Beginners – (new 2019).

The course is designed for novice and beginning coders who want to create an Alexa skill but don’t have enough knowledge to edit the sample code to make a useful skill for their school, church, organization or small business.  Here’s the official description:

In this course you will learn:

  • How to Build an Alexa Skill with the Latest SDK
    • We build and Publish 2 skills in this Course
  • And Explanation of the JavaScript / Node.js Code
    • But not an Exhaustive study of it!
  • You will Understand the Sample Code and how to Manipulate it
    • Not just plug in “data text”
  • Synonyms
  • Not just the Interaction Model, we will modify the Code to use the Synonym
  • How to work with Multiple Languages and have Alexa Respond with the Language that reflects the Locale of the Echo Device
  • Build a Skill with Alexa Self Hosted, no AWS Account Needed
  • Build a Skill that uses AWS Lambda and how to make it with the Interaction Model
  • AWS S3 Object Storage Buckets
  • Picture Cards
    • Verify Cards look good on all types of devices
    • SSML and Playing MP3 files for Responses
    • Filtering the SSML Codes out of the Cards
      • Having code show up in the card will prevent the skill from passing Certification for Publication in the Skill Store
  • Creating Dialog in a Skill that Normally doesn’t have it
  • Test the Code in AWS Lambda
  • Custom Slots
  • Custom Intents
  • Customer Intent Handlers
  • canHandle()
  • File Dependencies
  • How to Publish a real Skill and Re-Certify it after Changes
  • How to use a Code Editor